I am Freebie, welcome to my portfolio page! I am a 17 year old developer working on my skills each day!


Pillow Development
Discord Bots
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Disnake []

What Customers Had To Say

"Freebie was able to create my server a bot basically less then a day for cheap.
Thanks for your fast & reliable services!
~ kieran
"Yo I’m the original founder of Starlight Capes and Freebie designed our bot. It also has unique ticket and alt detecting features. It can do everything dyno or mee6 can do. It’s incredible and was designed by the best."
~ minty
"Hello, I am Co-founder of BLUAir.
Freebie made an amazing bot called BLUBot. It helps in every situation to replace dyno. I would rate it 10000/10.
I would like to thank Pillow Dev for this amazing bot.
~ Codex
"Hey! I'm the owner of Orange Nation and Freebie made a bot for my server! Its doing great specially those fun commands. It's a very decent custom bot! Thanks Freebie for this awesome bot!"
~ Orange Slice
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